I’m important too! I know mommas we always put ourselves last in almost everything! We are important too and need to switch around some of these dynamics to serve others sometimes we need to serve ourselves first. So I decided at 34 maybe I do need to visit the doctor annually. These is something I absolutely do for all my kids but don’t recall ever doing for myself. This year […]

Y’all sometimes keeping the kids alive is a task! It has been a long drama filled week. We have a distant family member in the hospital, who is from my childhood and still loved. This is our first week back at homeschooling after the long holiday break for both my younger children who attend campus days with me and our oldest who attends community day at a different campus. Mops […]

Who am I and what am I about? This is harder than I thought it would be to write. My name is Rose and I am about a lot of things. I am the 28 year daughter of a King and believe with all that I am, that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I am the wife of a very passionate husband who, luckily, is also my best friend. […]

As I took out and folded my oldest sons laundry out of the dryer, I thought I was being nice and helping him out. Then I realized maybe it was for me. He had been washing his own laundry for awhile now but just this year he had started doing it completely. He had started washing, drying, folding,hanging and my favorite, putting it away! When did that start? When was the […]

So last summer, like many families, we attended the county fair. My highly active boys have already made some friends and are begging me to let them participate in the “animal scramble.” After all ALL of their friends are doing it! I ask around and find out it is a race where they get a prize if they catch an animal. Why not? Let them wear themselves out! Well come […]

So I wake up completely relaxed, stretch, I have the baby on one side & the husband on the other. So warm and cozy! I’m glad I woke up before my alarm 🙂 I grab my robe and phone look at the time and… It’s 7:52! Yikes!!!! The boys are already up, but are watching cartoons which is something they know we don’t do before school. I waste 1 full […]

Today I’m reminded of  “The Love Verse” from 1st Corinthians 13. Specifically verse 7: “It ALWAYS protects, ALWAYS trust, ALWAYS hopes, ALWAYS perseveres!” The picture above whispers to me that our boys love each other in a Godly way. Our sibling are often our first friends and I believe, if done right, they are also our best friends. My boys don’t always get along but they are inseparable! At 8 […]

So today was book character day at the library. I woke up early to brainstorm and ended up thinking that the boys would wear their Halloween costumes from last year. NOPE! They wanted to be Sonic the Hedgehog and Link from Zelda. Really? Link from Zelda! What was I to do? Well, we do have a shield and I have some leftover clown makeup so that was a start. My […]

Recently my son and I were taking out the trash. His bag was heavy and I thought about offering to help him. We were close to the trash bin and he says, “Hey look mom… I’m a superhero!!!” His garbage bag on his back made his shadow have the appearance of him wearing a cape. I was so proud and impressed with his perspective! The experience made me so happy […]

If you are like me then the last few weeks of school are hectic. Trying to get everything done and gather up all the contact information for the kids’ friends or they “will never see them again.” This can take its toll on your married life. I think it is important for children to see your marriage thrive and not just survive. So last night I decided to surprise my […]