I have attended home a home birth and multiple kinds of hospital births. I will say if you do have a home birth please research not only the procedure  it’s self but the staff, their plans and the insurance. Ask the hard questions and at least consult an ob about the risks you  may encounter.

Some background on my experiences. I have had my 3 boys at the same hospital with the same OB and Pediatrician. I chose the hospital after taking a tour and knowing they worked with both my OB and my Pediatrician. I felt comfortable with their security and they took great care of our guest as well as many perks. They had fresh cookies every afternoon. You could labor and recover in the same room for the first bit and sometimes your whole stay. I also loved the child could stay with you from birth till leaving. ( I was scared of baby swapping, I watched too many birthing videos in school) I loved the wooden rooms( I hate white sterile rooms) and the way the medical equipment was hidden in the wooden panels. I liked the fact it was there if it was needed but out of sight so not to cause stress. It is also faith based. I wanted a certain calmness to my experience and had a great birth plan. I feel everyone should have a solid plan and it be known to all necessary staff and helpers. It helps everyone know you have exceptions and keeps communication flowing. My boys were all born to the music of my choice while I was laboring, with whom I wanted in the room at various times. My first we waited till a few weeks after his due date, I really wanted to go natural. Alas this wasn’t to be  so we were induced. We stripped my membranes and broke my water to try and jump start events. Potocin was used and even slowed when I asked it to be at one point. I had asked for an oral pain medication which made my so sick I threw it up.My doctor was very supportive and yes I got an epidermal when things got intense. (sometimes I think if I had not done that I would not have repeated that experience)  Soon afterwards  my son and I had started to get lower oxygen levels towards the end and it was hard. My doctor let me know at this point if I didn’t deliver soon we would have to have a c-section.

I want to stop here to say she was not trying to hurry me or make $ here, she knew me and my plan however I chose her because I trusted her judgment as a professional and she had tried to give me everything I wanted. She could see I was tired and weary, she was stating her professional opinion on what was safe for everyone. Up till this point I felt as if she was a trusted professional and knowledgeable friend.

I loved that she was honest and firm with me. I was able to muster my inner strength and with my amazing husband by my side we finally delivered our wonder firstborn.


I had a wonderful friend give birth at home a few years ago and she did great. She allowed me to attend the birth because I love her and would support any choice she made. I firmly believe you should have a helper and a partner to attend your birth regardless of what kind you choose. I loved the fact she gave birth the way she wanted,  her sister and husband got to hold the baby right away and she got to latch him right away. I was uncomfortable with some of the midwives decisions but my friend chose her so I needed to support her. When her labor started she napped while cuddling with her husband in their own bed and then came out to a big love sack then finally she chose the bedroom for the big finish She swayed towards to end wanting the hospital and drugs but knowing it was to late and not really what she wanted, we encouraged her through the last minutes of her birth. Her sister was right there when her nephew made his appearance and that was really special. Her husband was right beside her, holding her hand and very supportive. I was behind her and holding her steady as she also had to delivery the placenta. We then moved to the bathroom and took care of things and some freshening up, while the midwife checked the placenta. It was a great and intense experience that I was glad to be a part of.


I also got to attend my older sister’s birth. They were not expected to have children so I didn’t realize the scope of her situation until actually going to the hospital with her. The father has a thing about people in pain and blood etc so he was waiting outside the room. She had quite the support group though believe me! To set her at ease I painted her toes and gave her a facial as she was being induced and I knew the pain she was about to experience. When I asked about her birthing plan she said don’t put the baby on me till he’s all cleaned up 🙂 seriously that was her plan! I felt like I should have helped her more but this blessing was of of left field for our family and my sister had to go from something that was impossible to figuring it out in that short few months. In this situation the dad could have helped delivery the baby but he chose not to for various personal reasons. My sister then blessed me with this opportunity! I gladly excepted!( I had a medical background and someday want to volunteer or for this type of stuff)surrounded by family she pushed and pushed till his head was delivered into my hands! With the doctor’s guidance I brought him from my sisters womb into the world. That was one of the single greatest moments of my life! Being the first person to ever touch that baby was precious. Although her birthing plan was thrown out the window as baby was laid right on mommy.(this really is the best thing as it helps slow bleeding for mom) Daddy couldn’t help as the time got closer so did he. When jr came Dad was on the other side of the curtain , and burst in it seemed right on time. Baby and dad distracted each other while mom got cleaned up and the cleaned up baby was handed back to mommy.

I have also had a known friends to deliver in a pool in their home, at the hospital having a natural birth, at a birthing center and all sorts of in between. As time goes on they may share their experiences in written form with us.

My opinion is this. Have a plan, do your research, on the place , the staff and their rules, know your plan might need adjusted. I figure hope for the best but also know the back up plans too. I say have your partner there for obvious reasons but a trusted helper too.  They can spell your partner, do a food run,or rub your back while he stokes your hair, one can be with the baby at all times and one with you no matter the situation.


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