I’m important too! I know mommas we always put ourselves last in almost everything! We are important too and need to switch around some of these dynamics to serve others sometimes we need to serve ourselves first. So I decided at 34 maybe I do need to visit the doctor annually. These is something I absolutely do for all my kids but don’t recall ever doing for myself. This year […]

Y’all sometimes keeping the kids alive is a task! It has been a long drama filled week. We have a distant family member in the hospital, who is from my childhood and still loved. This is our first week back at homeschooling after the long holiday break for both my younger children who attend campus days with me and our oldest who attends community day at a different campus. Mops […]

Recently my son and I were taking out the trash. His bag was heavy and I thought about offering to help him. We were close to the trash bin and he says, “Hey look mom… I’m a superhero!!!” His garbage bag on his back made his shadow have the appearance of him wearing a cape. I was so proud and impressed with his perspective! The experience made me so happy […]