So last summer, like many families, we attended the county fair. My highly active boys have already made some friends and are begging me to let them participate in the “animal scramble.” After all ALL of their friends are doing it!

I ask around and find out it is a race where they get a prize if they catch an animal. Why not? Let them wear themselves out!

Well come to find out the prize is that they get to keep the animal they catch.

Um what?

Too late! They are already lined up with the other several hundred kids in their age groups and ready to go.

The mom in me is rooting for them to caveman style tackle and catch the barnyard creatures! We raised winners and they were going all out.

Ben was able to snag a rabbit but it jumped out of his hands and over his head at the last second. He was super sad but I was relieved. A rabbit is a big responsibility.

Now it’s Sam’s turn!

He set his sights on the smallest chicken EVER, even though there were geese, ducks, and rabbits sitting right in front of him. He was running his heart out going this way and that, twisting and turning.

He could have selected easier prey… Nope this chicken is it.

Finally he scoops it up in a glorious bear hug… only to have it flutter out of his arms. A nearby helper tells him how to adjust his hold. Once again he scoops up his chicken!

He has done it!

We meet him at the finish line with his tearful brother and a box. He instantly agrees to share his chicken with his brother.

Of all the things you prepare for a day at the fair! Bags for candy gathered at the parade, pants and a hoodie for later, cash, snacks, sippy cups, reusable water bottles. I somehow forgot to prepare to bring home a live chicken.

We try and explain, patiently, to the children we cannot keep this new pet as we live in an apartment.

They were not happy!

There was no way they could lose Cheeky the Chicken, yes they named him 2 seconds after capture.

They tried to compromise by getting rid of toys, even a toy box! Cheeky could live in the bath tub, they would walk it, etc. Ah good times!

Well we were covered in dust and needed dinner and baths! What to do with this chicken since it could not stay long term in a box barely large enough to contain it?

We laid down some newspaper, tore up some bread, and placed Cheeky in an upside-down laundry basket. Then started to make calls as to where this chicken might live.

A dear a friend who also had some newly acquired animals from her son’s participation in the animal scramble decided to take Cheeky off our hands. 🙂 God bless them!

All of this took place on a Saturday so we agreed after church on Sunday would be a good time to give Cheeky a new Home.

So… Sunday morning comes and I walk out of the shower to discover Cheeky had been released!

What a great way to start the morning! Naked, wrapped in a towel, chasing down a chicken the 2 yr old has released.

Oh to step out of time and think back to this moment!

At one time in our life we had 3 boys and a chicken in a 2 bedroom apartment! You think we can’t relate to the chaos of life! Wrong!

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