If you are like me then the last few weeks of school are hectic. Trying to get everything done and gather up all the contact information for the kids’ friends or they “will never see them again.”

This can take its toll on your married life. I think it is important for children to see your marriage thrive and not just survive.

So last night I decided to surprise my husband with an impromptu date night. The older boys were asleep the youngest was tired and just had his bath, a little milk and he should be ready for bed right? So I cleaned up the living room put out a blanket on the floor for a romantic indoor picnic. I set up some candles, set out some fancy plates and ordered a pizza. 😉

I had planned to lay the little one one down and take a shower, wash my hair, shave my legs etc. Nope wee guy wanted to hang out. I did everything I could think of! Dad, to relieve my stress, took over. I was running short on time since the pizza was being delivered soon. I decided to throw on a sexy dress, wash my face and add lip gloss.

Well the pizza arrives, candles are lit, and yep little man comes out of his room to invade.

What do you do? We tried to keep putting him down which totally stole the mood and created negative feelings all around. Eventually we conceded. He joined us for pizza on a fancy plate, sitting between us, but cuddly. The night proceeds with a lighthearted TV episode, the baby finally goes down, we clean up, call it an early night, and retreat to the bedroom.

Not exactly the date night I hoped for but a night well spent.

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