Y’all sometimes keeping the kids alive is a task! It has been a long drama filled week. We have a distant family member in the hospital, who is from my childhood and still loved. This is our first week back at homeschooling after the long holiday break for both my younger children who attend campus days with me and our oldest who attends community day at a different campus. Mops groups are also back in session which means my part time job is back on and seeing all the kiddos just fills my heart with happiness.

This also means I’m tired from this very long week! We had a play date today, and cousins came to play for a bit, then some good adults friends with their kids over after that. Within the first hour our God son says “We accidentally got yarn stuck in the fan.” No biggie but I definitely hurried to their room to deal with that situation since the fan was still on! My daughter and god daughter request a bath and informed me I could just say yes. Lol so my good friend and kids God mom says yes, runs them a bath. As she starts back towards me I ask if she gave them bath paint, to which replied” Of course” Then maybe 30 minutes later our younger son comes up from the playroom with his hand slightly purple with yarn wrapped from wrist about half way up to his elbow. Scissors are quickly handed to me and I start cutting quickly yet cautiously. I love having friends that you can just live life with! No judgment, just life! My friend wasn’t just comfortable having the girls take a bath but she was also comfortable just doing it! That’s community! We ended the night running to the store to grab presents for another one of our friends sons birthday, who’s party is in about 16 hours! This was a small window into our night! The girls left a beautiful work of art made with love, in our shower! I could complain on how I hate to clean this bit I won’t because no matter how tired I am in the end I it is beautiful. In these messes are the beauty of love. The love of our kids, the love of adventure, the love of curiosity, the love that is family! Some people are born with loving families, some people build loving families we were blessed with both! Our community is awesome! They love us through our all our beautiful messes!

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