I’m important too! I know mommas we always put ourselves last in almost everything! We are important too and need to switch around some of these dynamics to serve others sometimes we need to serve ourselves first. So I decided at 34 maybe I do need to visit the doctor annually. These is something I absolutely do for all my kids but don’t recall ever doing for myself. This year I decided I need to be healthy mentally and physically to be the best mom I can be!

So I decided a few things health wise had to change. I would go to the doctor BEFORE I was sick. I will go because I need a baseline of healthy with a consistent Dr whom I know and trust. I decided to have 3 goals a small medium and huge goal to run or walk #miles intentionally every week. INTENTIONALLY. I have to make or take the time to just do it, just get it done! I LOVE running I have always been a runner but as I became more mom, my running got laid by the wayside. So back I falling in love with me again and being healthy meant getting back to running!

This meant taking my vitamins EVERY day! So I moved my vitamins to the bathroom,(in their case) right beside my skincare. This was very convenient as I decided I also need to wash my face twice a day again to! Every day you don’t wash your face it ages and average of three days!!!! I NEEDED to care for my skin more! This body has changed so much over the years and I need to love it as is and get this temple back on track. I was within my BMI but wanted to lose a little extra here and there. I don’t really counts lbs because when you work out you lose fat and gain muscle which weighs more. I needed to remember to remember my lotions too. This also included taking care of my nails which have never been great but I started using my cuticle oil more then I would remember to use my hand cream!

I need Jesus!! I know this should have been first but y’all when I write I write raw. Ya know the way it falls outta my brain and unto the paper. I decided to attend Table Talk which is a women’s meeting once a month at my church. I keep inviting my friends too as I know we are all busy and can easily forget to fill our spiritual cups. I go for me though! A few hours of listening to the speaker, taking notes and then having in-depth conversations afterwards. This also meant trying to get my prayer life back on track, not a set time for me but a constant conversation with God that ends when I go to sleep after thanking him for all my blessings! It means taking notes on Sunday even if I never look at them again because writing and listening gives me double the chance of remembering what the message was so that it might be applicable in my life. Again being intentionally active and having the discipline to go to the ladies time and church. Filling MY spiritual cup! It has to happen! I am a better person for having done these things. I will be a better wife momma and friend if my cup is full. We all know this but again it is my turn I have to make those commitments to myself and keep them.

It is month 6 and I’m not doing too bad. I have ran/walked intentionally miles. I have done my skincare almost everyday. I have attended more events to fill up my cup and even had a week to camp with my bigger family. We floated down a river, looked at the stars and heard to wind through the trees! I LOVE that sound! The rolling thunder off the lake and then the nearby dam refreshed my soul! The next 6 months are going to be jam packed with work, homeschool starts up again and so do my other childcare responsibilities. I will be better prepared though because of my habits! I will be healthier so hopefully my cup won’t be on empty as this next busy season hits! It’s ok to take a turn mommas! I hope you will join me in this journey to fill your own cups too!

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