I was recently by myself with my 3 boys over Mother’s Day weekend. With 3 baseball games, helping a friend move, and a baby dedication it was a busy weekend! So tonight I’m taking some me time! I believe to be a good parent you need to “zero out”. That is a Rose-ism for taking all the stress good and bad and letting it all go. To zero out I […]

Who am I and what am I about? This is harder than I thought it would be to write. My name is Rose and I am about a lot of things. I am the 28 year daughter of a King and believe with all that I am, that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I am the wife of a very passionate husband who, luckily, is also my best friend. […]

I have attended home a home birth and multiple kinds of hospital births. I will say if you do have a home birth please research not only the procedure¬† it’s self but the staff, their plans and the insurance. Ask the hard questions and at least consult an ob about the risks you¬† may encounter. Some background on my experiences. I have had my 3 boys at the same hospital […]

I might not make this choice but the option should be there! “How in the world can a woman have the “right” to kill her unborn child and not have the “right” to birth at home with a Christian midwife! Shouldn’t I have the “right to choose?” Stop the unconstitutional prosecution of religious midwives! Religious Freedom applies to childbirth choices!

First I’d like to say I am a breastfeeding promoting mom all day long but I want to strangle some people there. You should be reaching out to others in love and help them! NOT judge and do the run around of read this, try this, eat this, take this see you next week. I HATE the pretense of women who had “perfect” breastfeeding experiences. They are VERY few who […]