First I’d like to say I am a breastfeeding promoting mom all day long but I want to strangle some people there. You should be reaching out to others in love and help them! NOT judge and do the run around of read this, try this, eat this, take this see you next week.

I HATE the pretense of women who had “perfect” breastfeeding experiences. They are VERY few who actually have that and cause a lot if guilt and frustration among other women. If your not willing to help your friend stick her breast in the babies mouth and coach her through it, then keep all your advice,”help” and opinions to yourself!

I have had 3 (breastfed) boys and no one tells you it its going to hurt like heck and smart your nipples when they latch properly. In fact if I was not the type A stubborn personality that I am I might have given up on my 3rd child. You read that right my 3rd not my first. With the  first 2 yeah it hurt, I carried cherry chapstick in my bra to deal with the chapped nipples that occasionally had a bit of bleeding. However my 3rd was not latching properly and even the lactation consultant cleared us to go home. I think God for the nurse who saw me struggling and decided  (probably secretly) to come into my room and show me the nipple shield! She also told me about the different sizes and how ideally you go from the large to the small to nothing at all. I also had to shape my nipples and that was frustrating.

Once you get the hang of breastfeeding it is a great experience and it is beautiful, and so very worth it. However the mother who cant or is struggling is still a wonderful mother and loves her children just as much! Also never use the phrase “did you even try”?

This is one really great example of someone who tried and was frustrated for no reason!

Lactation Failure: It Happened to Me

Here are a few articles I like as well

How often does breastfeeding just not work?

We also need to step back from assertions that every mother can breastfeed, if she just tries hard enough. As Neifert has written, “The bold claims made about the infallibility of lactation are not cited about any other physiologic processes. A health care professional would never tell a diabetic woman that ‘every pancreas can make insulin’ or insist to a devastated infertility patient that ‘every woman can get pregnant.’ The fact is that lactation, like all physiologic functions, sometimes fails because of various medical causes.”

The Breastfeeding Conspiracy Some women just can’t produce enough milk.

I understand that breastfeeding is an emotional and political subject. I understand that LLL and other breastfeeding advocates are fighting against an often hostile culture. There’s a war going on, but I feel like a victim of friendly fire.

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  1. Emily says:

    I nursed my first strictly until I went to work full time when he was about 6 months old. Then I pumped as much as possible but my supply shut down slowly, but he was still a breastfead baby until a little over a year old with most of his milk coming from me (about 70%). I was blessed to have such a positive experience. My second son… was a nightmere. My boobs hurt, my nipples fealt like they were being stabbed with needles and i wasn’t producing enough to feed a bird, i did the special diets, took the pills, drank the tea, I did everything. Every time he ate he’d vomit and then he’d scream. We ended up in the NICU. I gave up breastfeeding when he was 2 months old. Had to switch to nutramigen shortly after that. He had colic and a severe allergy to any form of dairy. I like to pretend the first 3 months of his life didn’t really happen, because all he did was scream, vomit and go to the hospital/doctor. Shortly after I quit nursing I was with my oldest at his karate practice and had one of “those” Mom’s come up to me as I was giving my youngest a bottle and inform me that I had failed my child and didn’t try hard enough. I started crying, got up, removed my oldest from class and left. Several of the other mom’s intervened and informed her what we’d been going through, she hasn’t spoke to me since. I full heartedly promote breastfeeding. Does it work for everyone? No. Just because you had one child that did ok with it does that mean the others will? No. I love your blog Rose, I truly do!

    • Momma Rose says:

      Thanks Emily! I did great with our oldest and ok with our 2nd who knew the 3rd would be hard? I am forever grateful to the nurse that introduced us to the nipple shield!Thanks for commenting! We truly need to encourage and build each other up 🙂

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