So I wake up completely relaxed, stretch, I have the baby on one side & the husband on the other. So warm and cozy! I’m glad I woke up before my alarm 🙂 I grab my robe and phone look at the time and… It’s 7:52!

Yikes!!!! The boys are already up, but are watching cartoons which is something they know we don’t do before school. I waste 1 full min on lecturing quickly followed by grounding them from all electronics until further notice! Now get to the table for breakfast. I pour each a bowl of cereal then retrieve their clothes repeating, “Take a bite, get undressed, take a bite, get dressed, etc.”

It’s now 7:54 I remember something about it being a special day for Ben & I see the memo on my fridge telling me it is “Bring a toy to school day.” So I ask him, “Tell me what toy you want to take and I’ll try and find it.” He points to the floor behind me and says, “That one!”

God bless him! I didn’t have to search and he had a toy, which I quickly stuffed in his bag while pulling out the heavy library books.

Now Mom has to get dressed quick! I run around grab my clothes and my cross necklace automatically, which I wear almost everyday, then my oldest says, “Mom hurry!”

So I run to the bedroom room door and he lifts his hands to the ceiling as if showing me something. I’m confused and cannot figure out what he wants. He says, “My shirt is too small.”

Really?!?! He is 8 and can get himself a new shirt. I inhale and exhale slowly, but I’m already laughing, and tell him, “So go change your shirt!!!”

I’m finished getting dressed so I go check to see if Sam has replaced his “small” shirt. He has, but he put on a white shirt backwards and then informs me it’s spirit day, like every Friday, so he needs to wear school colors.

So I grab a blue shirt and help him out of the white one when he then informs me his pants have a small hole in them!

Ahhh!!! A big pet peeve of mine is no holey clothes to church or school. I shrug and let him know that it is going to have to be ok for this time because TIME is running out!

I grab on a pair of boots and then put Ben’s shoes on him while he is still eating. Next I grab the Sam’s shoes and I’m off to the bathroom where he is brushing his teeth. As I’m helping him with his shoes the hole in his pants stares at me and I see it is maybe the size of a quater as opposed to a worn out smaller hole.

I check with him to see if he wants to change and he says he is fine unless it is going to be really cold. So I check my weather app and it is a balming 10º this morning rising to a tropical 25º after school. I inform him of this and add that one of us can pick them up from school today. He shrugs and says its fine.

I then go out to the backpacks, which I forgot to check the night before, sign off on the homework for Friday because my husband had already done Thursday not realizing at that moment that today WAS Friday and he has not yet gotten his homework for it. Yeah, I am realizing that right now as I write this. Then I glanced at the clock… 8:03!!!

I run back to the bathroom saying, “Hurry hurry!” I then help my 6 yr old put toothpaste on his brush as my 8 yr old finishes. He tries to pass me and I wipe his mouth off as if he is 2 and tell him to grab his coat.

Then I go grab the coat and backpack for my 6 yr old and bring it back to the bathroom. He says, “Oooh what’s for my lunch?” See his lunch box attaches to the outside of his backpack.

I let him know that he was having hot lunch today because he didn’t take off the lunch box yesterday for me to clean. So I rip that off and toss it into the kitchen and run to help him with his coat… 8:04!

I told Sam to meet us by the door downstairs and I helped Ben get into his coat while throwing his back pack on almost at the same time.

I, for some unknown reason, decided to take my husband’s car instead of my van. I get in car, turn it on buckle up check to see them buckled up and there is a bright low fuel light staring me in the eye! Sooo sooo soooo one of my biggest pet peeves.

Whatever, its not my car and not my problem! I drive the kids two blocks to school and there is no line of cars which is a bad sign. I look at the clock and it’s 8:06. School starts at 8:05.

I apologize to my kids for making them late. Sam says, “It’s ok we can handle it! We were late yesterday too.”

To which I replied, “Really? Your dad told me you made it in time.”

Benny, ever the peace keeper, chimes in, “Yeah but it was an accident, I’m not worried about it it’s ok!”

So I say, “I’m glad you can handle it and I’m really proud of how fast you both were this morning.”

Sammy pipes up, “Yup, it’s a new record!”

I was so proud of their PMA!!!

Seriously they were maybe 1 min late had great attitudes and were prepared for the day. They ate, Samuel took his medicine (he has childhood Asthma), they both got their vitamins and brushed thier teeth, Sam had his homework, Ben had his toy, and they both had great attitudes!

It’s time for coffee for this momma!

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