As I took out and folded my oldest sons laundry out of the dryer, I thought I was being nice and helping him out. Then I realized maybe it was for me. He had been washing his own laundry for awhile now but just this year he had started doing it completely. He had started washing, drying, folding,hanging and my favorite, putting it away! When did that start? When was the last time I had don’t his laundry? As I loving folded each piece and piled it in his basket I thought” is this my last time?”

Everyone knows I have a passionately high dislike for laundry. This basket was different. I loved this basket and yet grieved the completion of it. With it ended and began a new phase of my life without me even noticing. 🙁 This is the season of first last for my oldest son! My baby! the one who first made me a momma. It is also the beginning of the season of last last first. First last because he is the oldest so all the last anything will be something I  have never experienced with my children yet. The last first because he is growing  out of childhood and stepping towards manhood. He had his last first swim lesson earlier this year as he tested out of the program. he is now taller than me. DONT tell him though as I have yet to admit this to him!

My son the almost man now runs on the outside part of the sidewalk or street when we run or go on walks together. He does this as the old fashioned gesture of being a gentleman was taught to him, as it allows he to protect the lady he is with. He just decided to do this one day and I had to hold back the tears and let him grow up before my eyes. It almost knocked the wind out of me on that run, just as mush as the pride swelled within my chest! He often opens my car door when I take him places just because. He always holds doors open any place we go. He kindly waits for me to say thank you and kiss his cheek too. We started mom dates  when he was little and that seed was planted in good soil! All that preparation has blossomed and I makes me tear up with bittersweet memories!We were and are raising him up in the way he should go.  Be still my momma heart! Keeping the tears at bay I realize more an more my time with my baby is waning.

When we hug there is now a man-child were once a baby slept cradled in my arms…. So even as he drives me crazy I hope I have the wisdom to soak it all in. ALL the beginning of my fist last.My first baby giving me my fist experience with last things at every turn. Oh how do I passionately dislike this laundry basket as it marks my first  baby’s steps towards manhood and away from his momma. I wonder how his needs from me will transform in the too near future? How I hope to start cultivating and planting seeds of a lifelong friendship while still being as mom with a firm expectation of greatness from her child!

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  1. Darcy says:

    First last and last first. So relatable for us moms. Good job Rose! And love hearing these things about Sam. Hard to believe you are ALREADY experiencing these first lasts, it’s a cliche but time really does go by too fast with our kids

    • Momma Rose says:

      Thank You! I feel like time really does go faster the older we get therefore making our children’s childhood seem shorter!

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