Who am I and what am I about?

This is harder than I thought it would be to write. My name is Rose and I am about a lot of things.

I am the 28 year daughter of a King and believe with all that I am, that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I am the wife of a very passionate husband who, luckily, is also my best friend. I am the mom of three brilliant boys who stole my heart before they were ever born. I am also, when time allows, a business owner.

That tells you a bit about me, however, I am passionate about helping women be who they are and be confident in that. Motherhood is the most rewarding work you will engage in. It is also the most frustrating, hair-pulling crazy experience you will ever have!

I felt led to create this blog to let women know that there is a ray of sunshine amidst our wild lives. You’re not alone and the choices you have made are the right ones for you! You are the best parent for your child. You were chosen for the most amazing job. Sure, these choices will cause you to fail, to win, and you will certainly have doubts.

I am passionate about the freedom to choose the best course in raising your children! I wanted a safe haven for women to retreat to and be encouraged on whatever they are choosing for their babies.

In trying to find a safe haven for myself I found a lot of places offer encouragement, until you disagree on something.

Some of my friends vaccinate, some don’t. Others use cloth diapers, some don’t. They are breast feeders and bottle feeders. Some of them are even midwives who have had and help people home birth, while some enjoy a hospital stay with fresh baked cookies being delivered every 8 hours during the day. Shocking as it may be to people some of my friends are Christian and some are not.

Motherhood should transcend all that and we should bring each other back from that breaking point of insanity from whatever challenge is currently overwhelming us! We should call out to one another in truth and in hope, we should be reaching down to raise each other up NOT looking down in judgment and condemnation.

In previous generations the older women were mentors to the younger women and I believe that as a culture a huge disconnect has occurred and we lost out!

You may be at a point in your life that your experiences and age put you in a position to be offering advice rather than receiving it. So with my youthful passion and my old soul I want to invite you to follow me in this adventure!

Through my stories and posts I invite you to share with me your stories and experiences and know your not alone.

Know that YOU are the best momma for that baby, end of story!

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  1. Aunt Sandy says:

    so proud of you!

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