I was recently by myself with my 3 boys over Mother’s Day weekend. With 3 baseball games, helping a friend move, and a baby dedication it was a busy weekend! So tonight I’m taking some me time! I believe to be a good parent you need to “zero out”. That is a Rose-ism for taking all the stress good and bad and letting it all go.

To zero out I usually like to run but alas a recent knee injury has gifted me with the opportunity to fall to my second option, a bubble bath. This is a bubble bath with candles, a wine glass full of chocolate snacks (I don’t drink), a big glass of water, and various good books to choose from. Sometimes I just soak and think, other times I read or write, often I listen to music, or I get some much needed prayer time.

I know, I know, you don’t have time! You must MAKE time! It improves your attitude, your health (by lowering your stress), and give you a little peace. Even good stress can start getting to you, which is why I encourage everyone to find at least 5 things that helps zero them out. For me, I like a short or long run, a bubble bath even if it’s the middle of the day and its only 10 minutes, reading a good book or a least a chapter, or finishing a small project I have been wanting to get to.

My my most commonly used, really helpful, zero out is hugging my husband for a FULL min, no matter how silly it’s seems. The hug is a simple trick and based in science it raises your serotonin & oxytocin levels which makes you happier.

I believe in happy wife happy life. Let’s face it if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy!

What are some things you do to zero out?

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